You are an English speaking IT-Expert working in Germany or trying to find an IT-job in Germany. You would like to know more about the expectations of German employers, how you can present your skills in your CV and social media, how a recruiting process works and which German companies could match your goals. You are not sure which salary would be appropriate for your qualification, what benefits can be expected, how to behave in the German workplace-culture , whom you can ask which questions and how often, what results are expected and what you can expect from colleagues and management. You would like to practice a job interview or a presentation.

Johanna Nägelsbach has worked in the IT for German and international companies for more than 20 years and is experienced with working with international IT-experts from India, eastern Europe, Great Britain, USA and China. She knows the communication problems which arise when different cultural backgrounds are not considered. Johanna wants to be your sparring partner for your topics, appreciative and with a strong professional background, like a peer, colleague and friend who does not compete with you and would like to support you as a mentor in advancing your carreer. We are available via Teams or telephone, also in the evening or during the weekend (surcharge according to AGB). For an appointment please call or sent us an email.
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